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 Take your iPad from the wall base,

Walk around freely,

Sit on your couch and dock it to the table base. 

Bases provide power and DATA for a reliable instant connection.

Your iPad switch from wired data to WiFi when you take it out from the base.

Available in several luxury materials

Wall switch

Presence sensor

Orientation lights

Electrical Outlet

Selection of materials

Aluminum serie

Satin White

Brushed Black

Brushed Aluminum

Brushed Dark Grey

Classic serie

Brushed Brass


Brushed Nickel

Soft Copper

Fer Forgé serie

Grey Fer Forgé

Bronze Fer Forgé

Gun Metal Fer Forgé

Copper Fer Forgé

Retro serie*

White Glass

Black Glass

White Leather

Black Leather

*Only available for wall switch


The Basalte-dmc is join Venture of electricians, low voltage specialists and smart home programmers. We all believe that time has changed since the raise of smart TVs. Our clients no longer need expensive Video distribution based system and enjoy this realistic, simple and beautiful approach of a smart home designed by Basalte.

The Basalte-dmc is not a Basalte company.

Visit the official manufacturer website here